Graduation 2014

This year's graduation saw the University awarding 1 PhD and 4 Masters degrees to our students.

PhD: Omar Makame's work, supervised by Prof Sheona Shackleton, was on the vulnerability and adaptation of Zanzibar coastal communities to climate variability and change.

Masters: Keitometsi Ngulube Abu-Basutu's work, supervised by Prof Charlie Shackleton looked at the contribution of wold foods to individual and household food security in the context of increasing vulnerability due to HIV/AIDS and climate change.

Masters: Judith Alistoun, Nancy Job and Craig Weideman, who were all supervised by Prof Fred Ellery looked at the origin of endorrheic pans on the African erosion surface north of Grahamstown, South Africa; the origin and dynamics of the Goukou wetland, southern Cape; and distributed land surface evaporation estimation based on MODIS leaf area index and the Penman Monteith energy balance equation.

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