Name: Renuka Kulkarni

  • Research project title: A political ecology analysis of the effects of invasive alien plant species on landscapes and livelihoods in the Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani Eco-sensitive zone, India
  • Supervisor: Prof Charlie Shackleton
  • Contact:

Name: Uviwe Bolosha

  • Research project title: Ecological restoration after Lantana camara removal? Does soil nutrient manipulation facilitate both soil and native vegetation recovery?
  • Supervisors: Dr Sheunesu Ruwanza, Prof Gladman Thondhlana, Prof Charlie Shackleton
  • Contact:

Name: Craig Weideman

  • Research project title: Integrating eddy covariance, remote sensing-based physical models and ecosystem models to evaluate impacts of woody encroachment on water and carbon balance in Eastern Cape grasslands
  • Supervisors: Dr Alta de Vos and Dr Tony Palmer
  • Contact:

Name: Idah Mbengo

  • Research project title: Critical realist exploration of rural small-scale farmers' strategies to enhance adaptation and resilience-building in degraded semi-arid landscapes, Machubeni, South Africa
  • Supervisor: Prof James Gambiza
  • Contact:

Name: Vusumzi Martins

  • Research project title: Bushmeat hunting and use by rural communities surrounding indegenous forests in the Eastern Cape. 
  • Supervisors: Prof Charlie Shackleton & Dr Alta de Vos
  • Contact:

Name: Afika Njwaxu

Research project title: Understanding the cultural and ecological roles of keystone species in South Africa
Supervisor: Prof Charlie Shackleton

Name: Patrick Likongwe

Research project title: Status and potential of green infrastructure to support urban resilience in Zomba City, Malawi
Supervisors: Prof Charlie Shackleton and Prof Sosten Chiotha

Name: Monde Duma

Research project title: Community-driven land rehabilitation of degraded rangelands in Macubeni, Eastern Cape
Supervisor: Prof James Gambiza

Name: Charles Chacoma

Research project title: Sustainable grazing management and livestock performance in the fragile and degraded landscapes of rural Eastern Cape province, South Africa
Supervisor: Prof James Gambiza

Name: Chenai Murata

Research project title: Eco-indigenous knowledge and practices: A study of ecosystem services in rural northern Eastern Cape, South Africa
supervisors: Dr AR Palmer and Dr G Thondhlana

Name: Esther Ekua Amoako

Research project title: The impact of anthropogenic bushfires on savanna ecosystems: The case of the Northern region, Ghana
Supervisor: Prof James Gambiza

Name: Frans Mothupi

Research project title: The contribution of wild edible plants to food security and dietary diversity in rural households, Limpopo
Supervisor: Prof Charlie Shackleton

Name: Enokenwa Ojong

Research project title: A comparative study of gender differentiated use of natural resources in coping responses to climage change and other stressors in South Africa and Cameroon
Supervisor: Prof Sheona Shackleton

Name: Thozamile Yapi


Research project title: A systems approach to understanding the social-ecological dynamics of wattles in rangeland ecosystems
Supervisors: Prof Charlie Shackleton, Dr David Le Maitre  and Dr Luthando Dziba

 Name: Buhle Francis

Research project title: Socio-ecological effects of Lantana camara in the Kavango-Zambezi  TFCA : Implications for Management in Zimbabwe
Supervisors: Dr Gladman Thondhland & Prof Charlie Shackleton

Name: Annae Senkoro


Research project title: Ethnobotany and conservation biology of Warburgia salutaris (G.Bertol.) Chiov., a threatened medicinal plant species in southern Mozambique
Supervisor: Prof Charlie Shackleton
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