Past Projects

Ramesh Kannan: 2013: Seeking development and conservation outcomes through the use of the invasive plant Lantana camara in southern India.

Saskia Fourie2013. The impacts of clearing alien invasive plants on water-linked ecosystems: guidelines for rehabilitation.

Matt McConnachie: 2013. Cost-effectiveness in Restoration Ecology: the case of Working for Water.


Gladman Thondlana: 2011. Dryland conservation areas, indigenous people, livelihoods and resource values in South Africa: the case of Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.


Rob Jones2010. A risk-based corrective action strategy for remediation of asbestos contaminated villages in South Africa.

Georgina Cundill2008. Monitoring of community-based natural resource management projects.

Sarah Kaschula2008. Wild edible resources and food security in HIV/AIDS households.

Kelly Scheepers2007. Ecological and social factors influencing woody plant use at Machibi, Eastern Cape.

Sheona Shackleton 2005: The significance of the local trade in natural resource products for livelihoods and poverty alleviation in South Africa. Phd thesis, Rhodes University, Grahamstown.

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