CAPE TOWN – University of Cape Town students who continue to disrupt lectures could face trespassing charges.

This is a warning issued following a day of protests. Six people were arrested yesterday for disrupting classes.

In a statement, UCT management has warned students against disrupting lectures, because they could face trespassing charges.

It also states intimidation is against the law.

Meanwhile, protesting UCT students have vowed to continue disrupting academic activities until management addresses their demands and grievances.

Protest leader Sinoxolo Boyi says they won’t back down.

“We’ve nothing to lose. Say these exams were to continue right, they ask about fees, black people will be financially excluded from this university, and many will be academically excluded. Those issues we proposed have never been addressed and we’re still in the same position.”

Yesterday, about 150 protesting students disrupted lectures in an attempt to shut down activity on campus.


Eyewitness News

Source:  Eyewitness News

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