Rhodes students threaten total shutdown amid rape claims


JOHANNESBURG – A group of Rhodes University students have threatened to shut down the institution after a list of eleven people who are alleged to be rapists was released on social media last night.

The supposed ‘Reference List’ follows the launch of an anti-rape campaign last week, in which students accused university management of being ineffective when dealing with cases of rape on campus.

Police were called in to control a crowd of students who were believed to be chasing down some of the men named on the list.

One of the accused is a member of the university's student body.

The eleven names released include a member of the student representative council.

Concerns have been raised on social media about naming people without any proof.

A student activist says the man who attacked her is on the list.

“I know in my case my perpetrator is on that list.”

She says both the university and police have let her down.

“I tried to open up a case with the university and because of a lack of evidence I decided not to pursue it.”

A list of demands has been published on Facebook, calling for the university proctors, Gordon Barker and Sarah Driver to step down.

Meanwhile, students have boycotted lectures as the university is set to release a statement before the end of the day.


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Source:  Eyewitness News

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