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Facilities Management

Facilities Servicing, within the Division of Infrastructure and Operations, has a number of sections that provide various Services to support the University community.


  • Grounds & Gardens: Manager: Mr Mark Hazell +27-046-603-7208, grounds(at)ru.ac.za

  • Building Maintenance - Manager: Mr Cromwell Dyala +27-046-603-7439, c.dyala(at)ru.ac.za

  • Electrical Maintenance - Manager: Mr Wally Bufe +27-046-603-8033, w.bufe(at)ru.ac.za

  • Engineering, Mechanical and Transport - Manager: Mr Dave Martin +27-046-603-8238, d.martin(at)ru.ac.za

Facilities Servicing office

  • Facilities Manager: t.b.a. +27-046-603-7201, .......(at)ru.ac.za

  • Accounts Clerk: Ms R Walton +27-046-603-8134, r.walton(at)ru.ac.za
  • Snr Tech Asst/Draughtsperson: Mr Kevin Wolhuter +27-046-603-8126, k.wolhuter(at)ru.ac.za

  • Power Monitoring & Access Control: Mr Calvin Pittaway +27-046-603-7203, c.pittaway(at)ru.ac.za

  • Signage and Space Management: Ms Ndumi Magodla +27-046-603-7202, n.magodla(at)ru.ac.za

  • Lecture venues & theatre management committees: Mr Cromwell Dyala +27-046-603-7439, c.dyala(at)ru.ac.za

  • Maintenance Stores Supervisor: Mr Samuel Gill +27-046-603-8150/8122, s.gill(at)ru.ac.za

Maintenance Requisitions

  • Authorised staff may submit an ONLINE REQUISITION (make sure you send it to the relevant trade)

  • No work will be undertaken without a requisition.

  • When making enquiries, please have your requisition number at hand.

  • Please do not send a second requisition to query the first one; rather send an email or call the office for a speedy response.

After Hours Emergency Services

  • For any work required after hours in an emergency (e.g. burst pipe, blocked drain, broken window, etc), first contact the CPU - they will then contact the relevant artisan.

The Division of Infrastructure and Operations organisational structure includes the following departments: Residential Operations; Administration, Finances and Procurement; Facilities Servicing; and Infrastructure and Operations Systems.

More info

  • Contact: RU extension 8125 estates(at)ru.ac.za

  • Map: search "Estates" at www.ru.ac.za/static/campusmap/

  • Searching for info? Go to the Search Box (top right side of this page)

  • Maintenance requests: authorised staff may submit an ONLINE REQUISITION

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