FAQ - General Accounting



Q: Where is my money? My parents paid money into my account but it is not there. I am expecting money from XYZ, is it here yet?

A: Kindly furnish relevant details of the deposit and/or a copy of the deposit slip.Funds will be allocated to the required account once the deposit has been conclusively identified.

Buying Office and Furniute & Equipment Stores
Q: How do I know which buyer to approach?

A. All initial queries are to be directed to the Senior buyer.

Q: What is the ordering procedure?

A. Submit a written request signed by an authorised signatory. (Order request form, letter, e-mail) Verbal or telephonic requests are not permitted.

Q: Has my computer/printer arrived?

A. All computer equipment is delivered to Electronic Services where it is checked. They will contact youwhen complete.

Q: Has my furniture arrived?

A. All office furniture is delivered to the Furniture & Equipment Store from where it is distributed.

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