An Overview

The Purpose of this section is to provide effective and efficient accounting, administration, maintenance and control measures in acordance with the university's policies and procedures, in particular to Divisions / Departments / RU Foundation / Departmental Associates / SRC / RMR / Sports Admin and NTEU.  Bank/Cashbook identification, allocation, processing and reconciling of transactions for the University including transactions for Student and Research Accounts.  Control and reconciliation of University Insurance, Investments, VAT Returns, Foreign Payments, Cellphone and Telephone accounts.  Further to ensure that a high standard of communication and service is maintained at all times.

The main function of the Creditors Department is to pay for items bought for the University via the Purchase Order System.  The various departments on campus place their orders with their suppliers, when the goods are received the Administrative Officer in the department generates a Goods Received Note and sends the invoice to the Creditors Department where we release the payment out of the system to the Creditor. This is all done via our in house accounting system. Once a month we settle all invoices dealt with in this manner by paying the Creditor via the EFT Banking system.

The next most important function of the Creditors Department is to uphold the University's credit rating by ensuring that statements are reconciled monthly and any outstanding itmes are dealt with in a prompt manner. This involves communicating with the Creditor as well as the department concerned within the University.


The Data Control office is responsible for all daily and monthly tasks from all departments.
We deal with Creditors, Debtors, Salaries, Student Fees, Research and all General Journals.

We aim to provide a defined and reliable service of accuracy and effectiveness with timeless financial information to the whole of the University and our students.


The Student Fees section is committed to providing a range of services to ensure that accurate information are processed to student accounts.

Student Fee Email address:

Our services primarily include the following:

  • MIP clearance for registration at Rhodes – recording payments, bursar information, etc.
  • Raising tuition,residence and departmental charges on accounts
  • Preparing and sending of pro-forma invoices
  • Processing of meal refunds
  • Facilitating refund/credit payouts to students’s bank accounts


Rhodes Payroll division are responsible for the payment of all salary related payments and the management control and capture of casual staff and student wages.

They are situated opposite the mail room as you enter the Administrative building.



The Research Administration division administers all outside funded projects and grants in accordance with the funders recomendation and within the budgeted line items e.g. PSAM, DSAE, SIAB etc. All payment requests are authorised by the division before payment is released. Where required financial reports are prepared in line with the funders recomendation and within the agreed upon time frames contained in the contract.

All research related projects and grants are also administered by the division, internal and externally funded e.g. Dean of Research grants, NRF, WRC, MRC etc.

The division is split into two sections NRF & Sarchi Chair Support and Institute and External Research. These two sections are headed up by to managers reporting to the Manager: Research. 

The Mailroom collects mail from all departments twice a day and delivers the documents collected to the various departments. Mail is sorted at the mail room and placed in pigeon holes for collection, external mail is franked and delivered to the Post Office.

Deliveries to the Post Office takes place at 10H30 and 15H30 daily. Mail collected from the Post Office at 10H30 is sorted and delivered to departments or sorted into pigeon holes for collection.

Each residence has a private bag number and these bags are collected daily at 10H30 and delivered at 11H30 to the residences.

Once the mail is sorted the two mailroom messengers deliver mail to their dedicated departments, the rest of the mail is collected by some of the departments own messengers.

During vacation times student mail is not delivered to the residences, it is sorted by the mailroom and placed in the pigeon holes for collection between 14H00 and 17H00.

  • Couriers deliver and collect mail from the mailroom e.g. TNT, DHL and Skynet. This mail is recorded in a register, advice slips are made out and placed in the departments pigeon holes for collection. On receipt of the advice slip the item is collected from the mailroom and signed for in the register as proof of collection.
  • Ordinary mail is sorted and placed in the pigieon holes.
  • Registered mail, parcels and speed mail are recorded in the mail register books and an advice slip is made out and sent to the departments.
    On receipt of the advice slips, the department arranges for collection of the registered item and signs the register as proof of collection.

Meet the Team

The Management Accounting section provides financial decision-making support to the university management and administration. The section is responsible for the university's annual budget process, budgetary control processes, financial performance measurement of university entitites and the financial evaluation of new courses and projects.

  • Meet the team
  • Budgets
  • Budgetary control
  • Financial performance
  • Financial evaluations