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Rhodes Fine Arts Graduate Student Exhibitions 2012

Date Released: Fri, 2 November 2012 11:47 +0200

It’s the time of year again for the annual Rhodes Fine Art Graduate Show.

Now in its fourth year, for those unfamiliar with the event, the Graduate Show takes the form of a walkabout through the Rhodes BFA students’ final exhibitions. In exhibiting all the students’ works in their various venues, the integrity and individualism of the original submissions is maintained and the public is invited to view this in a number of exhibition sites and exciting installation spaces in Grahamstown.

 Each year, the graduate exhibitions represent the culmination of four years of focused study in the visual arts and reflect the art students’ growth of individual vision and often rigorous self-reflexive interrogation. Students have sought and found appropriate contemporary creative means to express diverse concepts and ideas, often in a strong and unique personal vocabulary.

Submissions cover a variety of artistic mediums including photography, painting, sculpture, installation, video, performance, printmaking and interactive media. Thematic interests and conceptual approaches are equally diverse but some common threads between the varying exhibition narratives include abjection, interpersonal relationships, portraiture, memory, man’s best friend, identity politics, waiting, watching and alienation.

The 4th year students and their exhibition titles for 2012 are (in the order in which the work can be viewed):

Frances Spangenberg, The Finish Line; Kathleen Sawyer, Somata; Annchen Naude, Pinky Promise; Stacey Doman, Remains; Kerryn Chloe Sky Chaia Ponter, Awaiting Harlen; Charlton Bryce Reimers, Infighting; Jaime Waddington, Countenance; Nina Lieska Grindlay, Jason And Andrea; Luke Calder, Everybody Loves You; Lindi Lombard, Transit; Justine Watkins, The Sleepers; Sherilee Eborall, Personal Growth; Francois Knoetze, Oikos: An Odyssey; Taryn King, Watchmen; Catherine Ash, shard; Nena Maree, Heel; Khula Khalipha Jiji, Blemish; Lauren Fletcher, Infected and Kesayne Reed, Human Cocoon.

This year’s exhibition event will take place for one night only on November 9 and will commence at the Art School Gallery in Somerset Street at 5:30pm and then move on to visit exhibition venues nearby.

For further information please contact:

Rat Western
Rhodes Fine Art School

Brent Meistre
Senior Lecturer
Photography Section
Department of Fine Art
Rhodes University
P.O.Box 94
South Africa

27 (0)46 6038195 (office)
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  • This article was published on Grocott’s Mail website (http://www.grocotts.co.za).