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Silent Protest by Fine Art lecturer

Date Released: Thu, 18 April 2013 14:31 +0200

Silent Protest is a five minute video artwork made by photographer/film-maker and lecturer Brent Meistre for the Rhodes University Silent Protest.

In the work Meistre performs two songs, one by the music group Belle and Sebastian and another by The Cranberries, in a discourse and interplay between himself and his double. Meistre is presented as a preacher/politician or mourning figure in a desolate landscape, who is reading a speech to an absent audience.

The work attempts to evoke the complexities and the depth of issues around sexual violence in South Africa and the impossibility of representation of the number of victims, particularly in isolated and rural communities.

Date and Venue: Fri 19th April 2013

Alumni Gallery (Top Floor of the Albany History Museum, Somerset St)  

Gallery Hours: 9:00am – 16:30

The public are invited to view the work which will run for the duration of the day.

The work can also be viewed on YouTube: http://youtu.be/olRZonEqjQE