Exploring the Legacy of Henri Lopes: A Reflection on the Rabat Conference

In the heart of Rabat, Morocco, on 23 April 2024, a significant conference was hosted by the Language, Literature, and Culture Laboratory, affiliated with the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. The occasion was no ordinary event; it was a commemoration of the life and contributions of the Congolese writer, Henri Lopes – a man whose influence transcended the realms of literature into diplomacy and politics. Henri Lopes, renowned for his literary works, diplomatic finesse, and political engagement, left an indelible mark on the African intellectual landscape. His multifaceted persona, encompassing roles as a writer, diplomat, and politician, garnered admiration and reverence from scholars and writers across the continent.

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French is a Romance Language and represents not only an important means of communication in the modern world but also offers the key to the discovery of a rich literary and aesthetic tradition.  A course in French at university level has two main aims: to give students the ability to read, write and speak the language they are studying and secondly, to introduce them to the culture of France and Francophone African countries.  At Rhodes University, French is a three-year major subject which may be studied for degree curricula in the Faculty of Humanities.  One, or in some cases two, courses in French are allowed as credits for the Faculty of Commerce, Science and Law.

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