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Research Publications 2017

  1. Siahi, M, Hofmann, A, Master, S, Mueller, CW and Gerdes, A (2017). Carbonate ooids of the Mesoarchaean Pongola Supergroup, South Africa. Geobiology, 00:1-17 https://doi.org/10.1111/gbi.12249.

  2. Scoon, RN, Costin, G, Gräbe, PJ (2017) Geology and origin of the vanadiferous Fe-Ti oxide-rich Kennedy's Vale Discordant Body, Eastern Limb of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa. South African Journal of Geology, 120(2), 251-270.

  3. Johannes Giebel, R, Gauert, CDK, Marks, MAW, Costin, G, Markl, G (2017) Multi-stage formation of REE minerals in the Palabora Carbonatite Complex, South Africa. American Mineralogist, 102 (6), 1218–1233.

  4. Chithambo, ML, Costin, G (2017) Temperature-dependence of time-resolved optically stimulated luminescence and composition heterogeneity of synthetic ?-Al2O3:C. Journal of Luminescence, 182, 252–262.

  5. Munteanu, M, Wilson, AH, Costin, G., Yao, Y., Lum, JE, Jiang, SY, Jourdan, F, Chunnett, G, Cioaca, ME (2017) The mafic-ultramafic dykes in the Yanbian Terrane (Sichuan Province, SW China): Record of magma differentiation and emplacement in the Emeishan Large Igneous Province. Journal of Petrology, 58 (3), 513–538.

  6. McDonald, I, Harmer, RE, Holwell, DA, Hughes, HSR, Boyce, AJ (2017) Cu-Ni-PGE mineralisation at the Aurora Project and potential for a new PGE province in the Northern Bushveld Main Zone. Ore Geology Reviews, 80, 1135–1159.

  7. Tanner, D, McDonald, I, Harmer, RE, Hughes, HSR (2017) Abstracts: Suphide melt evolution in the Volspruit project: the most primitive, yet most contaminated platinum-group element (PGE) deposit in the Bushveld Complex? Transactions of the Institutions of Mining and Metallurgy, Section B: Applied Earth Science, 126 (2), 9697.

  8. McDonald, I, Harmer, RE, Hughes, HSR, Tanner, D, Holwell, DA (2017) Abstracts: Hidden treasure: magmatic and geodynamic factors that influenced the development of Ni-Cu-PGE deposits in the northern bushveld complex. Transactions of the Institutions of Mining and Metallurgy, Section B: Applied Earth Science. 126 (2). p.7879.

  9. Moulin, M, Fluteau, F, Coutillot, V, Marsh, JS, Delpech, G, Quidelleur, X, Gérard, M (2017) Eruptive history of the Karoo lava flows and their impact on Early Jurassic climate change. Journal of Geophysical Research Solid Earth, 122 doi: 10.1 002/2016JB0 13354. 

  10. Scholtz, S, Gess, RW (2017) Oldest known naiaditid bivalve from the high-latitude Late Devonian (Famennian) of South Africa offers clues to survival strategies following the Hangenberg mass extinction. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 471, 31–39.

  11. Coates, MI, Gess, RW, Finarelli, JA, Criswell, KE, Tietjen, K (2017) A symmoriiform chondrichthyan braincase and the origin of chimaeroid fishes. Nature, 541, 208-211, DOI: 10.1038/nature20806.

  12. Gess, RW, Trinajstic, KM (2017) New morphological information on, and species of placoderm fish Africanaspis (Arthrodira, Placodermi) from the Late Devonian of South Africa. PLoS ONE, 12(4), e0173169.
  13. Moore, AE, Cotterill, FPD, Key, RM (2017) A geomorphic and geological framework for the interpretation of species diversity and endemism in the Eastern (Manica) Highlands of Zimbabwe. Kirkia, 19, 5469.

  14. Moore, AE (2017) Falconbridge discovery of the Gope (Go25) kimberlite, central Kalahari, Botswana.  Botswana Journal of Earth Science.

  15. Moore, AE (2017) Quantitative modelling of the apparent decoupling of Mg# and Ni in kimberlitic olivine margins: Comment on “Cordier et al., Metasomatism of the Lithospheric mantle…” (Journal of Petrology, 56, 1775-1796, 2015).  Journal of Petrology, 58, 385390.

  16. Grosch, EG, Slama, J (2017) Evidence for 3.3-billion-year-old oceanic crust in the Barberton greenstone belt, South Africa. Geology, 45 (8), 695–698.

  17. Qu, Y, Wang, J, Xiao, S, Whitehouse, M, Engdahl, A, Wang, G, Mcloughlin, N (2017) Carbonaceous biosignatures of diverse chemotrophic microbial communities from chert nodules of the Ediacaran Doushantuo Formation. Precambrian Research 290,184–196.

  18. Pedersen, LER, Staudigel, H, Mcloughlin, N, Whitehouse, MJ, Strauss, H (2017) A multiple sulfur isotope study through the volcanic section of the Troodos ophiolite. Chemical Geology, 468, 49–62.

  19. Brasier, AT, McIlory, D, Mcloughlin, N (2017) Contributions of Professor Martin Brasier to the study of early life, stratigraphy and biogeochemistry. Geological Society Special Publication, 448, 1–17.

  20. Konhauser, K, Planavsky, NJ, Hardisty, D, Robbins, LJ, Warchola, TJ, Haugaard, R, Lalonde, SV, Partin, CA, Oonk, PBH, Tsikos, H, Lyons, TW, Bekker, A and Johnson, CM (2017) Iron formations: A global record of Neoarchaean to Palaeoproterozoic environmental history. Earth-Science Reviews, 172, 140177.

  21. Oonk, PBH, Tsikos, H, Mason, PRD, Henkel, S, Staubwasser, M, Fryer, L, Poulton, S, Williams, H (2017) Fraction-specific controls on the trace element distribution in iron formations: Implications for trace metal stable isotope proxies. Chemical Geology, 474, 1732.

  22. Kampouroglou, E, Tsikos, H, Economou-Eliopoulos, M (2017) Carbonate stable isotope constraints on sources of arsenic contamination in Neogene tufas and travertines of Attica, Greece. Open Geosciences, 9, 577–592.

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