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Research Publications 2020

  1. SH Büttner (2020) Comment on Evidence for Mesoproterozoic collision, deep burial and rapid exhumation of garbenschiefer in the Namaqua Front, South Africa” by Valby Van Schijndel, David H. Cornell, Robert Anczkiewicz, Anders Schersten, Geoscience Frontiers, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 511-531". Geoscience Frontiers, 11, 1889-1894.  

  2. A Moore, Yudovskaya, A Proyer,  T Blenkinsop (2020) Evidence for olivine deformation in kimberlites and other mantle‑derived magmas during crustal emplacement. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology (2020) 175:15.

  3. JS Marsh (2020) Misrepresentation of early Karoo Volcanism: A critical discussion of aspects of “De Wit et al., 2020. Pillow talk: Volcanic rocks of the Karoo that formed many leagues under the Gondwanan Sea. South African Journal of Geology, doi: 0.25131/sajg.123.0021”. South African Journal of Geology, 123 (4), 647-652. 

  4. ER Neumann, JS Marsh, CY Galerne, S Polteau, H Svensen, S Planke (2020) Co-existing low-Ti and high-Ti dolerites in two large dykes in the Gap Dyke swarm, southeastern Karoo Basin (South Africa). South African Journal of Geology, 123 (1), 19-34.

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