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Prof Steffen Büttner

Associate Professor
Structural Geology, Plate Tectonics & Crustal Evolution

PhD: University of Frankfurt (Germany)
MSc: TU Darmstadt (Germany)
PGDipHE: Rhodes University

t: +27 (0) 46 603 8775
e: s.buettner(at)ru.ac.za

  • The tectono-metamorphic evolution of the Namaqua Metamorphic Province.
  • Pegmatitic gem deposits in Malawi (collaboration with Johannes Glodny (GFZ Potsdam, Germany), Dirk Frei (UWC, Cape Town), Charles Kankuzi (University of Malawi) and CIMERA)
  • Hydrothermal gold mineralizations in the Twangiza-Namoya Gold Belt (South Kivu, DRC; collaboration with Johannes Glodny (GFZ Potsdam), Banro Corporation and CIMERA).
  • Evolution of kimberlitic megacryst-hosted melt inclusions (collaboration with CIMERA and Geoff Howarth, UCT).


  • Structural Geology and Plate Tectonics (GLG102, GLG202, GLG301)
  • Science Extended Studies Program: Introductory Geology
  • Honours Field School
  1. Büttner, SH, Isemonger, EW, Isaaks, M, van Niekerk, D, Sipler, RE, Dorrington, RA (2020) Living phosphatic stromatolites in a low-phosphorus environment: implications for the use of phosphorus as a proxy for phosphate levels in paleo-systems. Geobiology, in press.
  2. SH Büttner (2020) Comment on Evidence for Mesoproterozoic collision, deep burial and rapid exhumation of garbenschiefer in the Namaqua Front, South Africa” by Valby Van Schijndel, David H. Cornell, Robert Anczkiewicz, Anders Schersten, Geoscience Frontiers, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 511-531". Geoscience Frontiers, 11, 1889-1894.  
  3. Howarth, GH, Büttner, SH (2019) New constraints on archetypal South African kimberlite petrogenesis from quenched glass-rich melt inclusions in olivine megacrysts.  Gondwana Research, 68, 116-126.
  4. Prevec, SA, Büttner, SH (2018) Multi-phase emplacement of impact melt sheet into the footwall: offset dykes of the Sudbury Igneous Complex, Canada. Meteoritics and Planetary Science, 53, 1301-1322.
  5. Büttner, SH, Reid, WK, Glodny, J, Wiedenbeck, M, Chuwa, G, Moloto, T, Gucsik, A (2016) Fluid sources in the Twangiza-Namoya Gold Belt (Democratic Republic of Congo): Evidence from tourmaline and fluid compositions, and from boron and Rb-Sr isotope systematics. Precambrian Research, 280, 161-178. 
  6. Bial, J, Büttner, SH, Appel, P (2016) Timing and conditions of regional metamorphism and crustal shearing in the granulite facies basement of south Namibia: Implications for the crustal evolution of the Namaqualand metamorphic basement in the Mesoproterozoic. Journal of African Earth Sciences, 123, 145-176.
  7. Büttner, SH, Reid, WK, Erasmus, R (2016) Late Permian tectonics and associated fluid influx during the Cape Orogeny: evidence from fault-bound quartz veins in the Witteberg Group (Cape Supergroup, South Africa). South African Journal of Geology, 119 (2), 379-398.
  8. Bial, J, Büttner, SH, Schenk, V, Appel, P (2015) The long-term high-temperature history of the central Namaqua Metamorphic Complex: Evidence for a Mesoproterozoic continental back-arc in southern Africa. Precambrian Research, 268, 243-278
  9. Büttner, SH (2015) Comment: “One kilometre-thick ultramylonite, Sierra de Quilmes, Sierras Pampeanas, NW Argentina” by M.A. Finch, R.F. Weinberg, M.G. Fuentes, P. Haslova, and R. Becchio, Journal of Structural Geology 72 (2015) 33-54. Journal of Structural Geology 76, 80-83.
  10. Bial, J, Büttner, SH, Frei, D (2015) Formation and emplacement of two contrasting late-Mesoproterozoic magma types in the central Namaqua Metamorphic Complex (South Africa, Namibia): Evidence from geochemistry and geochronology. Lithos 224/225, 272-294.


  1. Charles Kankuzi (PhD 2014-2018) Gemstone bearing pegmatites of Malawi: age, composition and fluid characteristics (co-supervision with Yong Yao; graduated 2019).
  2. Emmanuel Busane Aganze (MSc in Exploration Geol. 2016-2018) Sulphide textures and compositions associated with the hydrothermal/magmatic system of the Twangiza gold deposit (South Kivu, DRC) (graduated 2019).
  3. Mwango Chilekwa (MSc in Exploration Geol. 2016-2019) Petrography and P-T estimations of metamorphic rocks from the western Copperbelt (Zambia) (graduating 2020)
  4. Wesson Reid (MSc 2014-2016, 2019) Fluid characteristics in hydrothermal veins of the Twangiza-Namoya Gold Belt (South Kivu, DRC). 
  5. Graeme Schmeldt (MSc 2017-2020) Genetic relationships between migmatites and the Swartoup Granite in the Swartoup Hills (central Namaqua Belt) (co-supervision with Steve Prevec).
  6. Aiden van Huyssteen (MSc 2018-2020) Genesis of kimberlitic melt inclusions in ilmenite megacrysts from the Monastery kimberlite (co-supervision with Geoffrey Howarth, UCT).
  7. Edmore Marima (MSc 2020-2021) Sulphur isotope variations of the Koperberg Suite and associated rocks in the O'okiep Copper District (co-supervision with Steve Prevec).
  8. Jaco Greef (2020-2023) Structural Geology and Hydrogeology of the Witpoort and Kweekvley Formations, Makhanda area, Estern Cape (co-supervision with Jane Tanner, IWR). 

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