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Prof RE "Jock" Harmer

Professor ‌(Emeritus)

PhD University of Cape Town
MSc, BSc (Hons)  University of Natal

phone: +27 (0)82 3239768

e-mail: j.harmer(at)ru.ac.za


Research Interests

  • Rare Earth Element and related critical metal deposits
  • Petrogenesis and crustal evolution of carbonatite magmas; late magmatic to hydrothermal processes in carbonatites and controls on REE-P-Nb mineralisation
  • Mineralisation processes in magmatic rocks: controls on PGE mineralisation in the Northern Limb of the Bushveld Complex; evolution and mineralisation in the felsic components of the Bushveld Complex (Rooiberg Group volcanics and Lebowa granites)
  • Applications of isotope geochemistry in constraining mineralisation processes, developing exploration vectors and prospect prioritisation

Society Memberships & Professional Registration

  • Fellow – Society of Economic Geologists
  • Fellow – Geological Society of South Africa
  • Registered Professional National Scientist – South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions

Selected Publications

Tanner, B., McDonald,I, Harmer,R.E, Muir,D.D., Hughes, H.S.R (2019). A record of assimilation preserved by exotic minerals in the lowermost platinum-group element deposit of the Bushveld Complex: The Volspruit Sulphide Zone. Lithos, 324-325, 584-608.

McFall,K, McDonald,I, Tanner,B, Harmer,R.E (2019). The mineralogy and mineral associations of platinum-group elements and precious metals in the Aurora Cu-Ni-Au-PGE deposit, Northern Limb, Bushveld Complex. Ore Geology Reviews, 106, 403-422.

McDonald, I., R.E. Harmer, D.A. Holwell, H.S.R. Hughes, A.J. Boyce (2017). Cu-Ni-PGE mineralisation at the Aurora Project and potential for a new PGE province in the Northern Bushveld Main Zone. Ore Geology Reviews, 80, 1135–1159.

Harmer, R.E. and Nex, P.A.M. (2016). Rare Earth Deposits of Africa, Episodes, 39/2, 381-406.

Gose, W.A., R.E. Hanson, R.E. Harmer, E.K. Seidel (2013). Reconnaissance paleomagnetic studies of Mesoproterozoic alkaline igneous complexes in the Kaapvaal craton, South Africa. Journal of African Earth Sciences, 85, 22–30.

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Harmer, R.E., Farrow, D. (1995).  An isotopic study on the volcanics of the Rooiberg Group: Implications for the age and mineralisation potential.  Mineralium Depositum, 30, 188-195.

Von Gruenewaldt, G. and Harmer, R.E. (1992). Tectonic Setting of Proterozoic Layered Intrusions with Special Reference to the Bushveld Complex. in K.C.Condie (ed.), Proterozoic Magmatism, Elsevier, 537pp, 181-213.

Harmer, R.E. and Von Gruenewaldt, G. (1990). A review of magmatism associated with the Transvaal Basin - implications for its tectonic setting.  S. Afr. J. Geol., 94, 104-122.

Harmer, R.E. and Eglington, B.M. (1990). A Review of the Stat­istical Principles of Geochronometry: Towards a more consistent approach for reporting geochrono­logical data. S. Afr. J. Geol., 93, 845-856.

Twist, D. and Harmer, R.E. (1987) Geochemistry of contrasting siliceous magmatic suites in the Bushveld Complex:  Genetic aspects and implications for tectonic discrimination diagrams.  J. Volc. Geoth. Res., 32, 83-98.

Hatton, C.J., Harmer, R.E. and Sharpe, M.R. (1985) The  petrogenesis of the middle group of chromitite layers,  Doornvlei, eastern Bushveld Complex. in Gallagher, M.J., Ixer,  R.A., Neary, C.R. and Prichard, H.M.: Metallogeny of Basic and  Ultrabasic Rocks, IMM, London, 241-247.

Harmer, R.E. and Sharpe, M.R. (1985) Field Relations and Strontium Isotope Systematics of the Marginal Rocks of the Eastern Bushveld Complex. Economic Geology, 80, 813-837.

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