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Mike Skinner

Pr. Nat. Sci. 

Consulting Geologist (Diamonds)
Research Associate, Rhodes University

B.Sc. (Geol, Geog & Chem) 1966, Hons (Geology) 1970;
Rhodes University



Department of Geology:

Tel:  +27 (0)46 603 8309



Research Interests: All aspects of kimberlite geology. Has attended every International Kimberlite Conference since 1973 (as of 2008).

Consulting Work: (1998-2009) On kimberlite exploration, evaluation, mining, economics and geology in a variety of countries including North America, Angola, Australia, Botswana, Brazil, DRC, Europe, Lesotho, Namibia, Russia, South Africa, Tanzania & Zambia.


Involvement in the Department

  • Co-ordinator of the M.Sc. Exploration Geology course on kimberlites.
  • Teaching kimberlites to the Honours class (in Magmatic ore-forming processes course).
  • Supervisor to Honours & post graduate students on research projects

Previous life

  • Employed by Anglo American Corporation for 30 years from 1967-1998.
  • Seconded to De Beers from 1967-1986 and from 1994-1998 ranging from diamond/kimberlite exploration in southern Africa and Australia 1967-1975, undersea operations in Namibia 1969, mine-work 1976-1977, Director of the Kimberlite Petrology Unit in Kimberley (1978-1986), Exploration Manager South Africa 1994-1996.
  • Seconded to the Anglo American Research Laboratories 1986-1994, first as Manager of the Geological Laboratory and later as Deputy Manager of the AARL at Consultant level.
  • Served in 1994 as President of the Geological Society of South Africa.

Selected publications

  • Howarth, GH, Skinner, EMW (2013) Sub-volcanic development of kimberlite pipes: Evidence from the Lace and Voorspoed (Group II) kimberlites, South Africa. J. Volc. & Geother. Res. 268, 1-16.
  • Howarth, GH, Skinner, EMW (2012) The geology and emplacement of the volcaniclastic infill at the Voorspoed Group II kimberlite (orangeite) pipe, Kroonstad Cluster, South Africa. J. Volc. & Geother. Res. 231-232, 24-38.
  • Mitchell, RM, Skinner, EMW, Scott Smith, BH (2009) Tuffisitic kimberlites from the Wesselton Mine, South Africa: Lithos, doi: 10.1016/j.lithos.2009.06.018.
  • Skinner, EMW (2008) The emplacement of Class 1 kimberlites. J. Volc. & Geother. Res. 40-48.
  • Skinner EMW, Marsh, JS (2004) Distinct kimberlite pipe classes with contrasting eruption processes. Lithos 76, 183-200.
  • Skinner, EMW, Apter, DB, Morelli, C, Smithson, NK (2004) Kimberlites of the Man craton. Lithos 76, 233-259.
  • Skinner, EMW, Clement, CR, Gurney, JJ, Apter, DB, Hatton, CJ (1992) The distribution and tectonic setting of South-African kimberlites. Russian Geology And Grophys, l. 33, 10, 26-31.
  • Skinner, EMW, Viljoen, KS, Clark, TC, Smith, CB (1994 ) The petrography, tectonic setting and emplacement ages of kimberlites in the south western border region of the Kaapvaal craton, Prieska area, RSA., Proc. 5th Int. Kimb. Conf., CPRM Special Publication 1/A, 80-97.
  • Skinner, EMW (1989) Contrasting Group I and Group II kimberlite petrology: towards a genetic model.. Proc. 4th Int. Kimb. Conf. Eds., Ross et al, Geol. Soc. Australia, Sp Publ. 14. 528-544.
  • Skinner, EMW, Clement, CR (1979) Mineralogical Classification of southern African Kimberlites. Proc. 2nd Int. Kimb. Conf. 1, 129-139. Am. Geophys. Union, Washington.

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