Close Relationships

Close relationships between staff and students (including, but not limited to romantic relationships, sexual relationships, familial relationships and relationships with a history of serious interpersonal conflict) may undermine the integrity of the academic process and residential system, and may lead to real or perceived compromising of fairness or objectivity in decision-making or allocation of resources.

The Head of Department is responsible as follows:

  • In making sure that staff and students are aware of the protocol governing close relationships: Protocol on Managing Close Relationships
  • Notifying the Dean and Director: HR when s/he is notified of a close relationship in the department
  • In the case of a close relationship between staff and student, ensuring effective management of the situation, as outlined in Appendix A of the protocol
  • In the case of a personal close relationship with a staff member or prospective staff member, managing this situation appropriately as outlined in section 3 of the protocol
  • Being sensitive to how dynamics between staff members in close relationships is impacting the department and other staff and effectively manage any negative dynamics

If the HoD is requiring advice on how to manage these situations, the advice of the Dean or your HR Generalist for your Faculty can be sought. Details are available 

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