Counselling Support

Free counselling for staff is now available from FAMSA. This counselling is paid for by Rhodes. Employees must present their staff cards to the counsellor in order to access this Staff Wellness Programme. All information given to social workers / counsellors by all staff and their family members in the course of the performance of the counselling services shall at all times remain strictly confidential unless otherwise agreed to. Staff are entitled to a maximum of six (6) personal interviews per separately-defined problem after which the contract with the individual can be renegotiated. The Service Level Agreement between FAMSA and Rhodes University, can be viewed below:

 FAMSA agreement

FAMSA's contact details are:

63A High Street
Tel (046) 622 2580
Director: Anne Harris


FAMSA renders preventive, educational and therapeutic services in the following areas:

Relationships; Work; Finance / Budgeting; Marital difficulties; Family / Children problems; Emotional Issues; Personal and Social Functioning; Depression; Step-family issues; Divorce counselling and mediation; Maintenance and support; Coping skills; Stress Management; Alcohol and Drug Issues; HIV / AIDS Awareness and Counselling; Post Traumatic Stress; Debriefing; Retrenchment / Retirement Counselling / Skills Training; Life skills Training.

At times the counsellor may need to refer the client elsewhere because specialised skills are needed. Examples of such referrals could be:

  • Psychologists;
  • Treatment Centres;
  • Attorneys – Legal Aid;
  • Educational Specialists;
  • Specialized Welfare Agencies (e.g. for addiction issues);
  • Medical Professionals.

The Ethics of FAMSA Services

  • Confidentiality is maintained and no information is shared without permission.
  • Our service is based on respect for human dignity, non-discrimination,
  • non-judgemental attitudes and unconditional acceptance of the client’s right to make his / her own choices (i.e. the right to self-determination).
  • All counsellors receive supervision in the interest of improved service delivery.


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