Safety and Injury on Duty

Staff Safety at RU

The requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act must be met to protect staff from injury and harm while at work.

For more information contact: The Safety Officer:

Nikki Kohly
Tel: 046 603 7205
Safety Health & Environmental Officer

Injury on duty at RU

In line with legal requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, incidents of injury on duty must be reported within 24 hours to the HR Generalist for your Faculty or work area. Please follow the supervisor's procedure and report requirements:┬áInjury On Duty

Insurance Coverage (Employee Accident Insurance Benefits)

At Rhodes University, the portfolio of insurance for the institution includes a short-term employee acciddent insurance policy which is renewed anually. The policy provides accident insurance cover for various categories of employees and members of the Board of Governors and Council. This cover is in respect of accidental death or injury caused by outward violent and visible means. The premiums for this policy are paid for by Rhodes University and therefore legally, the insurance company is required to pay the institution for any claims. In the event of death of the staff member, the full benefits received will accrue to the employee's estate, to be distributed in line with the general requirements of the deceased.

The protocol outlines this in more detail:Protocol for Principles related to Employee Accident Insurance Benefits

Financial support for staff in the event of minor injury on duty

As an employer, Rhodes University will support staff in the event of injury on duty or accidents whilst on duty as follows:

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