Employing Students who are Internationals (non-SA citizens)

Based on the principle that International students residing on valid study permits are here for the primary purpose of study, no international student may conduct any employment without prior permission from the Department of Home Affairs. 

Permission to conductwork in the form of practical training as part of the studies to obtain a degree must be applied for at the Regional Representative of the Department of Home Affairs.  This permission must be obtained PRIOR to commencement of employment.There are restrictions in terms of the number of hours that students may work in the academic term.

The student may not work for more than 20 hours in total in any academic week.

In some cases, a student performs work in various departments.

Every section/department within the University which allows an international student to conduct work in that department is required to, as far as is reasonably possible, ensure that the combined working hours of the student do not exceed the limit of 20 hours per week.

During the vacation, this restriction falls away.

Please note that this applies to all international students, irrespective of the course they are studying.        

For more specific detail of the requirements of employing foreign students, please refer to the document below:

International Students of Rhodes University

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