Academic Leave

Academic staff appointed permanently accrue academic leave at a rate of 2 months per completed 12 months. For the purpose of granting academic leave credits, previous service as an academic with Rhodes University is taken into account when staff are appointed to permanent contracts. Those individuals transferring from another Higher Education institution can also request that they transfer academic leave credits, subject to conditions outlined in the employment contract. Academic leave becomes available upon confirmation of appointment. Please note that certain requirements around the use of academic leave particularly for staff without a PhD have been approved as at November 2012.

Please note that application are done online at:

Conditions of Academic Leave

Appointments Against Academic Leave

Academic Leave Report Format

Motivation Document

Related to your group life insurance: Group life requirements

Related to taxation issues: Possible tax exemption while on academic leave (Academic leave taken outside of RSA and Related tax implications)

Protocol regarding allocation of academic leave following end of term of office of HoD

If you have any queries, please contact the HR Generalist for your Faculty:

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