Kuyasa Function

The saying goes that if you want to empower someone, give him or her education and employment opportunities!
HR Operations Section and the RESOPS Food Service Section invited guests to a Champagne Breakfast, to celebrate the achievements of the Kuyasa interns. Mr Xhanti Thinta from Food Services was appointed permanently from 1 July 2010. Xhanti received his training under the mentorship of Mr Sinithemba Ntamo.

The programme started in March 2006 and since then, 8 Kuyasa members were permanently appointed - 6 in Catering, 1 in Housekeeping and 1 in Grounds and Gardens. There are no new appointed Kuyasa people at this stage. It was suggested that the learners complete their full term of school and then will be appointed at the beginning of each year (if there are suitable persons). 

Human Resources are proud of the Kuyasa/Rhodes partnership because it has resulted in the creation of valued members in the workplace, contributing both economically and socially to their places of employment.



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