Staff Numbers and Posts

Academic Staff Structure

Academic staff allocation takes place on the basis of Staff Cost Units (SCUs). Each department is allocated certain SCUs. New SCUs are allocated via the Staffing Committee, upon application for additional staff resources. This process takes place once a year. Please refer to the section below entitled "Applying for Additional Posts".

Applying for Additional Posts

Applications for new posts are called for once a year by HR Division. The IPC Staffing Committee considers these requests on an annual basis.

An invitation for submission of applications is made in April/ May for HODs who wish to request for a new position. Draft applications must be submitted to HR by mid June for a review by the special Internal HR Task Team. The final applications may be submitted mid July. The IPC Committee meets to consider the final application.

2016 Application for Additional Staff - Academic Departments & Institutes

Departmental SCUs 2015

Departmental Stats- All

SCU Staffing Model for Academic Departments

Externally-funded entities using the Rhodes University name that wish to add posts to their existing staff establishment need to have the approval of the University, via the Institutional Planning Committee. Such approval will normally be given provided there is adequate funding available and where there are no other inhibiting resource implications e.g. space. The Institutional Planning Committee has delegated authority to the Director: HR to approve such applications. However, should the Director: HR have concerns, these will be tabled with the IPC.

Application for Additional Posts - Outside Funded

Teaching Assistants (TA)

Teaching assistants, usually post-graduate students, can be employed against vacant posts, against established TA posts, or against funds provided to support the HoD. There are special requirements when appointing Teaching Assistants that should be observed and are outlined in the Protocol related to the employment of temporary academic staff and teaching assistants

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