Exit Survey

The University seeks to engage with all individuals who have chosen to leave the institution. This information can be useful in providing insight into staff member’s experiences at the institution. Exit data gathered over a period of time can provide insight into systemic problems that need to be addressed. Participation in the exit survey is voluntary.

Protocol for Exit Surveys

When a staff member indicates their resignation and this has been sent to HR and the resignation accepted, the staff member will receive a letter from HR asking them to participate in an exit survey. They will receive an email with the link to the survey. Those staff who do not have electronic mail will be given the option to nominate a colleague (which could be a union shop steward or HR practitioner) to receive the exit survey link via email on their behalf. This person will then complete the questionnaire electronically with the input of the staff member.

Staff requiring more information should contact the HR Generalist for their Faculty: http://www.ru.ac.za/humanresources/hr/meettheteam/

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