Career Opportunities

Each job at Rhodes should have a job profile. These profiles are available for career counselling and planning purposes. If you are interested in a particular post or wish to access a particular job matrix that is not available below, the Human Resources Development Office should be contacted on x8239
For support staff wishing to change jobs, a current vacant support staff post needs to be available.
When a post becomes available, the following happens:

  • The Organisational Development Office of the HR Division liaises with the manager concerned to discuss the nature of the post (will it change or stay the same? are the same kind of competencies (skills, knowledge and attributes) needed for the post?)
  • On the basis of this discussion, the job profile is updated. If necessary the job is re-graded
  • This means that if you are interested in a post, it is important that you discuss this with your manager as this person will know if the post may change and can advise you accordingly. Don’t get caught out because of changing organisational requirements!
  • The post then is sent through to the Recruitment and Selection Office for the filling of the post. The manager can motivate to the Selection Committee dealing with the post for (familiarise yourself with the Recruitment and Selection Policy for Support Staff)
  • The screening of a particular individual (this could be you if you have taken on extra responsibility and being trained in line with your development plan)
  • The internal advertising of the post (another opportunity for you to apply for the post where you will compete with other people in the institution)
  • Internal and external advertising of the post (another opportunity for you to apply where you will compete with staff as well as those outside of Rhodes University).
  • You then apply for the post, knowing that you have the necessary competencies, with evidence of the necessary exposure and experience.

The other way that the post you occupy may change is through the re-grading of the post you occupy. However, this institutional strategy to ensure the right kind of posts within an area cannot be relied on for your career development. For more information about re-grading of posts, refer to Job profiles and evaluation under “Managing Staff”. 

The following job matrices show the link between jobs in terms of education and experience requirements within particular job streams:

Matrix of Responsibilities-Admin Grade6+

Matrix of Responsibilities-Technical

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