Talking to your Manager

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Having the understanding and co-operation of your manager or HoD in your career development is extremely beneficial as s/he can:

  • Provide helpful feedback regarding your strengths and areas of development. This ensures that your own self-evaluation is accurate
  • Be aware of your career aspirations and consider how these can be met within the division/department/section/unit (if you are good, your manager will not want to lose you!)
  • Network on your behalf indicating to other managers your interest in particular posts
  • Promote the positive contribution you have made and the kind of person you are
  • Facilitate your access to development opportunities e.g. different kinds of work and exposure, delegation of new responsibilities, support for training courses
  • Explore how your career development can also benefit the division/department/section/unit
  • Better prepare for your possible move resulting in less disruption for the division/department/section/unit. This ensures a positive future relationship with this manager

These career discussions with your manager/HoD should not only focus on what you need and how you will benefit from development opportunities but also how the division/department/section/unit and the institution may benefit. For more advice on how to conduct this discussion, refer to this Toolkit:

How to Speak to my Manager About my Career Aspirations

If you need assistance, please contact the Human Resources Development Office on x8239.

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