Your Job

Baba Cleaning the Drosdty Dining Hall

Your current job is the critical first step in your career at Rhodes as sound performance and conduct in your current job and a willingness to go the extra mile:

  • Will ensure a positive reputation amongst your colleagues and management
  • Is more likely to ensure the co-operation from your manager to assist you in preparing you for your next job

Each job has a job profile. You should be using yours to evaluate your own performance to ensure that you are fulfilling your current job requirements. The toolkit for Evaluating Your Own Performance will assist you in this regard.

If your current post is not using all of your competencies, it is important to identify what other knowledge, skills and attributes you have. A high level of self-awareness regarding your strengths and areas of development is important for meaningful career development to take place.

Profiles for jobs that you may be interested in should also be accessed to understand the nature of these posts and the competency (knowledge, skills and attributes, education and experience) requirements. Such profiles are available for career counselling and planning purposes. If you are interested in a particular post or wish to access a particular job matrix (e.g. if you are in administration and wish to look at the range of administrative posts), the Human Resources Development Office should be contacted on x 8239

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