Medical Boarding

Staff unable to continue working and where alternative work arrangements are not feasible may be eligible for medical boarding. Advice can be sought from the relevant HR Generalist. See for the HR Generalist for your area.

Members of academic staff and those on Grade 6 and above, are automatically covered by Capital Alliance’s Group Income Replacement Policy. 

A staff member is considered to be eligible in terms of disability if, in Capital Alliance’s opinion, s/he is no longer able, due to illness, accident or injury, to fulfil a significant part of the duties of either

(a) His/her own occupation during the initial period; and
(b) An alternate occupation thereafter.

If medical boarding is approved, the staff member receives 75% of his/her monthly salary at the time of the boarding, until such time s/he reaches normal retirement age, with annual upward adjustments determined by Capital Alliance Life.

If a staff member appears to be having difficulty performing to the required level by virtue of illness or injury, Managers may contact the relevant HR Generalist for guidance on how to manage the process.

In some instances the staff member works directly with his or her medical practitioner who may suggest medical boarding. The HR Generalist will assist the staff member in terms of the way forward.

Alexander Forbes CAL Disability Policy

Alexander Forbes Medical Boarding Application

Should the department require a temporary replacement during the staff member’s absence, such request should be routed via the relevant HR Generalist.

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