Scarcity Allowances for Support Staff

The University is committed to paying its support staff at the 50th percentile within the higher education sector. The scarcity allowance as a specific remunerative practice is paid on the premise that current levels of remuneration for certain support posts, specifically those that are in market-related disciplines, make it particularly difficult to attract and retain these staff. This is experienced within the entire higher education sector and is not specific to Rhodes University. The institution may however find the attraction of staff from market-related disciplines more difficult because of our geographic location. As such this poses a risk for the viability of the institution and needs to be addressed. Premiums paid on certain jobs in the Higher Education sector because of the scarcity of skills may change over time. Therefore, the allowances are not part of the individual's guaranteed remuneration.

More details are available in the Protocol relating to the payment of Scarcity Allowances for Support Staff. A separate protocol exists for academic staff:

Scarcity Allowances Protocol for Support Staff

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