Institutional Research, Planning and Quality Promotion

Quality Promotion

At Rhodes University, the responsibility for the quality of teaching and learning lies with the faculties and academic departments. IRPQP plays a central coordinating role for quality promotion.

One of the strategic objectives of the Institution’s Institutional Development Plan (IDP) at Rhodes University is Quality Promotion. Its brief is to “ensure accreditation and recognition of all academic offerings/programmes of Rhodes University by respective national, professional and international authorities”.

The following quality promotion activities are coordinated by IRPQP under this objective:

  • preparing the University for national and international audits
  • programme accreditation with respect to requirements of  DHET, CHE, SAQA as well as professional associations
  • review academic entities and programmes as well as support services
  • providing support for development of proposals for new programmes/qualifications
  • management of processes for internal accreditation of short courses
  • facilitating policy development/update and maintenance of institutional policy database (online)
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Glossary of Terms

New Programmes – The need for new programmes is identified in Faculties, followed by internal approval by the relevant structures, and external approval by the DHET, CHE, and SAQA.

Qualification/Programme Reviews - IRPQP supports the mandate of the Academic Programmes and Curriculum Quality Committee (APCQC) by gathering and centralization of data/evidence about reviews and the quality of qualifications/programmes for purposes of internal and external institutional audits. Academic departments carry out reviews for courses/modules and academic programmes with IRPQP and CHERTL. How does this review process work at Rhodes?

Academic Programmes and Curriculum Quality Committee – Provide oversight of curriculum aspects in the internal processes for accreditation of new programmes/qualifications and review existing qualifications/programmes.

Institutional audits – The CHE conducts cyclic institutional audits on higher education institutions when the need arises. The institutional audits aim to facilitate quality promotion in institutions.

Review Framework – The Institutional Planning and Review Framework document aims to provide a conceptual framework for planning and review at Rhodes University. It is intended to describe the institution's approach to accountability, improvement and resource allocation and align internal processes with the University's overall vision and goals. 




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