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Institutional Research

IRPQP is responsible for using data and information to support the University in its planning, decision making and program development. The division contributes to strategic planning that is relevant to the region and which compare nationally and also internationally. IRPQP strives to assist the University in understanding the external context within which Rhodes University is located and the trends within the higher education landscape. This includes identifying how knowledge from these trends can be used to optimise enrolment, improve/sustain student success, improve research output and attract/retain staff.

This wing of the IRPQP relies on data from various sources including the web-based business intelligence tool, the HEDA system, to monitor learner analytics. The HEDA system offers live monitoring and coordination of student registration. The system is used for various aspects of quality monitoring such as processes for approval of new academic programmes/qualifications as well as the review of curricula of existing academic programmes. 

The following reporting, monitoring and evaluation activities are coordinated by IRPQP by providing:

  • support for annual and mid-year performance assessment report to DHET
  • official management information on institutional statistics to internal and external stakeholders in collaboration with the I&TS unit (including digest of statistics)
  • annual institutional scorecard on predetermined objectives for respective academic years
  • institutional subsidy allocation reports and projections for planning purposes (working with RU finance division)
  • sector benchmarking reports for purposes of knowledge sharing
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