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Doctoral Student


I am currently working with Makerere University Business School as the Head of Resource Mobilisation (Grants Management) Section. I have been working on project-related activities for over ten (10) years in project monitoring and coordination. I have focused on grant management in recent years, from sourcing funding to management of grant projects at Makerere University Business School. I am the Resource Mobilisation (Grants management) Office's pioneer head at MUBS. The activities I have carried out include sourcing for funding, writing funding proposals, forming and coordinating team activities, communicating with funders, training researchers in grant proposal writing, project implementation, and other activities related to grant and project management. I am pursuing a PhD (Humanities) with Rhodes University in South Africa, specialising in project monitoring. I hold a Masters' degree in Human Resource Management and a Bachelors' Degree in Education. I am passionate about women's issues and their empowerment and is active in community activities leading to women empowerment

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