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ISER - Interdisciplinary Degree in Development Studies


How to apply:

Please click on the following link :  https://ross.ru.ac.za/ 


a. New students to Rhodes University (i.e. external applicants) need to choose the (not yet enrolled at Rhodes) option 


b. A profile must be created - to get username and password - using your email address

 Honours 2023

c. Login and start application form  


d. Fill in online application as required 


1. Degree: Choose Bachelor of Arts with Honours


2. Department:  Institute of Social and Economic Research 


3. Subject  – INTERD and this links to 3001701 Interdisciplinary Honours


The module registrations will be done in January for successful applications.


4. Which documents to submit?


These will be indicated to you on the online applications form (for uploading) 


5. Can the course be done part time?


Not at the moment, unfortunately. But we hope to be able to offer it part time in the near future.


6. How to apply for funding?


Visit the PostGraduate Studies Website




Email: pgfunding@ru.ac.za 


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