Invitation : Livestock production and marketing value chains for small farmers:

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Livestock Production
Livestock Production

Livestock production and marketing value chains for small farmers:

A comparative study of South Africa and Kenya


DATE:                    Thursday, 24 March

TIME:                     14h30



Poor production methods and limited market access constitute some of the key challenges that prevent emerging farmers from becoming sustainable producers and developing into viable businesses. In livestock farming, poor grazing practices and a lack of vaccinations contribute to producing poor quality animals. Limited information, poor infrastructure (no fencing) and other socio-cultural issues have also led to low rates of participation of these farmers in commercial livestock markets. The list of market barriers is extensive, and they can also be observed beyond South Africa’s borders in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In a recent study conducted on livestock farmers at specific sites in eastern parts of Kenya and the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, comparisons were made on what constitute common challenges and possible lessons for small and emerging farmers in the two countries. The study focused on acceptable processes that form common practice in the respective countries’ livestock production-to-market value chains.  Join the webinar as we discuss some of the important features of the livestock value chains in the two country studies, identify possible comparative lessons and present an outline of future research to be done in collaboration with partners in the uMzimvubu river catchment of the Eastern Cape province.  

PRESENTER: Prof. Cyril Nhlanhla Mbatha - Director, Rhodes Institute of Social and Economic Research

RESPONDENT: Dr Binganidzo Muchara - Senior Lecturer, Unisa Graduate School of Business Leadership

CHAIR: Dr Sam Sadian - ISER Research Fellow and Postdoctoral Researcher,
Unisa Graduate School of Business Leadership