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Other Research Initiatives

In addition to its research focus on Labour Studies (and, formerly, Social Policy), the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) has engaged in a number of other research initiatives. These include Quality of Life Studies and Bio-Cultural Diversity (the latter was relocated to Rhodes University’s Department of Social Anthropology at the end of 2013).

Quality of Life Studies

Led by Emeritus Professor Valerie Møller, a former Director of the ISER, this area of research has been built on her many productive years of research in the ISER, and has included the following:

  • A study on TB-related stigma in the time of HIV/AIDS in the Eastern Cape.
  • A study on ageing, wellbeing and development in Brazil and South Africa.
  • A comparative study of quality of life in South Africa and Algeria.

The ISER is currently working on facilitating improved access to the many reports and publications produced under Emeritus Professor Møller’s leadership. 



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