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I don’t have exes

A personal essay by Thembelihle Ngcai I’m the only disabled person in my family. I was one of the very few visibly disabled people in high school, university, and later in the workplace. My experience of disability has always been characterised by comparison

Rhodes University partners with Grocott’s Mail to bring you your paper

This Friday you would not have found your Grocott’s Mail at the supermarket as usual, and here’s why.


The South African National Editors Forum (SANEF) held a productive teleconference on Tuesday with the GCIS and Department of Health on reporting on the coronavirus. SANEF stated that it was committed to assisting government to communicate information pertaining to the spread and containment of the virus.

Something more about Shaun Johnson

Question: Tell us something about Shaun Johnson that is less well known: Answer: He knew his typefaces… and more. In 1996, the Rhodes Journalism Review set aside four full pages featuring an account of colour palettes, and typefaces like Nimrod and Helvetica Neue Bold Condensed, and Gill Sans Bold Extra Condensed. The content was penned by Shaun, describing his changes at the then 139-year-old Cape Argus earlier in the year. And he wrote: “A redesign is a necessary, but not a sufficient, condition for a relaunch.” In his view, design should not be imposed from the beginning; it had to follow a clear vision of the positioning of the paper. That’s insight.