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Students have the option of applying for either:

 What is the difference between the fourth-year degrees we offer?

BJourn 4: This is the final year of the Bachelor of Journalism at Rhodes and it is the natural next step for many third year students. You need to have done your undergrad in JMS at Rhodes (with good marks!) in order to be accepted. BJourn 4 offers a nice mix of theory and practice, with the possibility of choosing between different specialisations.

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What do I need to apply?

You need a:

  • Certified copy of both your degree certificate and full transcript from your previous or current university in your submission
  • Letter of motivation (600-800 words)
  • Up to date resume (or CV) with at least two referees and their current addresses;
  • Sample of writing (academic/essay type); and
  • Completed application form which can be found on the undergraduate gateway (BJourn and BA) or postgraduate gateway (Honours, PGDips, MA, PhD) 

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Are you an exceptional student looking for a place to do your postgraduate degree? At the School of Journalism & Media Studies at Rhodes University we have a wide variety of options for you. Come and find your focus with us.

Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism & Media Studies with a focus on digital media in Africa

Make your degree work for you! Explore multimedia storytelling and other forms of digital media production in an award-winning digital news organization. Develop new mindsets and skillsets by experimenting with revolutionary approaches to journalism, like Engaged/Relational Journalism and Solutions/Constructive Journalism. Build a substantial portfolio through your experiential learning journey at Grocott’s Mail and Rhodes Music Radio while engaging critically with debates in Media Studies and current ideas in digital media production and engagement. Access further details at: https://www.ru.ac.za/jms/curriculum2022/ postgraduatediplomainjournalism/#d. en.253665 Queries to Mr Rod Amner at: jmspginfo@ru.ac.za or r.amner@ru.ac.za

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Student Work

Masks of men

This is a comic book project that investigates whether it is possible to represent marginalised masculinities in a more positive way than is done in current main stream comic books. The project consists of a pilot/prototype chapter of a comic in a series. The main story would span multiple comics to fully explore the experiences of the protagonists, but due to time pressures this prototype is what I produced....

by : Brendon Reyneke (Design)

Stars Belong in Space

The project takes the form of an English-medium South African children's book, and chronicles the life of Naledi, who is raised by her grandmother (Nkgono) on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Naledi has a fascination with stars and space, and dreams of becoming an astronaut. Despite having to overcome various obstacles, Naledi realises this dream....

 by : Ellen Heydenrych (Design)


Corona Diaries