What is it about?

The purpose of the network is to serve the School's alumni and future alumni.

It is our mission to keep our students and former students in touch with their Alma Matar.

It is our aim to keep all our alumni active and involved in the School's activities and to form a dynamic community who do not only represent the high calibre of our courses but also make considerable contributions and suggestions to the success of our programmes.

The alumni network presents a unique opportunity for professional networking and a platform for alumni to participate in the School's programmes and events planned through the year.

Through the network, alumni are also provided with a connection to stay in touch and up to date on events, programmes, accomplishments and achievements of the School's staff, students and fellow alumni.

Membership to the network is open to all recent Rhodes Journalism graduates, alumni, short course candidates, former staff members and associates. To join the network complete the Registration Form Alumni Membership Form.doc and email it to journalumni@ru.ac.za

We also encourage all on the alumni network to contribute to our blog so get writing and email us your blog entry to the above mentioned address.

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