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Centre for Health Journalism

Centre for Health Journalism

The Centre for Health Journalism was established in October 2010. The Centre was officially opened in April 2011 and located in the School of Journalism and Media Studies (JMS) at Rhodes University. Alhtough the centre used to offer taught Honours degrees and short-courses, the only academic offerings in 2019 will be Masters and PhD supervision for full thesis health journalism and health media research projects.  


Director: Harry Dugmore

Harry is the inaugural director of the Centre for Health Journalism. Harry has a long-standing interest in health and medical journalism and in the media’s ability to influence health behaviours and shape health identities. In the 1990s, Harry co-wrote the first four seasons of the Soul City TV series and headed up the Soul City Radio writing team. Between 2002 and 2006, Harry was one of the co-ordinators of Khomanani, the then government’s HIV, AIDS and TB mass media communication campaign.

In 2007, Harry also created the On the Money finance behaviour change programme, which is still the largest financial education behaviour change programme in South Africa. On the Money draws heavily on public health-based theories of media and behaviour change.  

Harry is currently on the steering committee of the Highway Africa conference, the largest annual conference for African journalists. He is also Deputy Chair of the Board of the David Rabkin Project for Experiential Journalism, which is the publisher of Grocott's Mail, South Africa's oldest independent newspaper. 

Harry can be contacted at h.dugmore@ru.ac.za.


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