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Visit the Highway Africa website: http://highwayafrica.ru.ac.za/

This conference, co-hosted by the School and the South African Broadcasting Corporation, has become one of the most exciting New Media events on the continent. Since its launch in 1997, Highway Africa has developed a reputation as the conference that engages with the most important issues facing New Media practitioners in Africa.

The Highway Africa conference is the largest annual gathering of African journalists on the continent. This well-established conference concentrates on digital media issues relevant for journalists, encompassing the policy, economics, development and technology questions around Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). It aims to help facilitate African media’s integration into the Global Information Society. Of relevance to the 2006 conference is that Highway Africa is rolling out a number of continuous activities that will feed into the event, including a symposium and several research projects on media and ICTs. At the conference students can get involved in the daily newspaper Open Source, and the website.

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