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Taryn Isaacs de Vega

Lecturer, Media Studies, JMS2 Co-ordinator
046 603 7110

PhD (Current, UNISA), MA (NMU), BA (NMU) 


Room 108 Africa Media Matrix

Upper Prince Alfred Street


Postal address

School of Journalism and Media Studies

Rhodes University

PO Box 94

Makhanda 6140

Industry experience

Experience as a scholar, research assistant and PhD candidate, with a focus on the media and the study of media reportage, media policy and standards of reportage. Her study looks at media accountability and institutions like the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa and the Press Council South Africa. 


JMS1 Media Law and Accountability

JMS2 South African Media Histories

Professional involvement



Research areas

Media Accountability

Media Studies

Curriculum Studies

Research projects

Research Assistant: Media Policy and Democracy Project 2014 – 2017

Research publications

Research Assistant for: Reid, J & McKinley. 2020. Tell Our Story: Multiplying voices in news media. Johannesburg. Wits University Press.

Research Assistant for: Hlengwa, A & Clarence, S. 2020. Next Generation Academics Report. D