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Equipment use in the School of Journalism and Media Studies


The School of Journalism and Media Studies holds a wide array of portable media production equipment in support of the academic program of the School. This includes but is not limited to a range of cameras, microphones, and audio recorders. Equipment is allocated according to teaching specialisations and year of study.

Equipment loans

All students are required to sign the Equipment Use Policy form https://www.ru.ac.za/media/rhodesuniversity/content/jms/documents/documents2020/Store_Legal_to_sign_(1).pdfat the AMM Equipment Store before any equipment can be issued to them. This form is signed by all staff and students on an annual basis. Please take the time to read the regulations properly, as the consequences of misuse or loss can be substantial.

Students must produce their student cards when requesting and returning equipment, which will only be issued to those whose names appear on the lists submitted by the course supervisors. The same card will need to be produced when returning the equipment.

Students and Staff are required to sign for equipment when it is issued to them, and are then required to return that equipment in person in order to sign it back to the Store. Equipment signed out by one person may not be loaned to another.

Equipment is loaned for a specific period in order to provide for the numbers of students requiring equipment – failure to return equipment on time will mean the imposition of a fine and/or suspension of equipment use privileges.

Equipment use

Equipment is for coursework or other academic purposes only as confirmed by the relevant lecturer or supervisor. Booking and/or use of equipment for private purposes by students is prohibited as this voids the insurance cover. If you are in any doubt please consult your lecturer in the first instance, who will then liaise with the JMS Technology Manager.

No equipment should leave town without the destination, dates of travel, purpose and permission from the appropriate lecturer being recorded via jmstech@ru.ac.za

Faults, damage or loss

Portable media equipment faults should be reported to the Equipment Store as soon as possible and followed up with a message detailing the problem to ammtech@ru.ac.za

Equipment losses or damage must be reported to the Equipment Store immediately and an emailed report detailing the circumstances of the loss or damage sent to ammtech@ru.ac.za directly thereafter. In all cases the report should include the date, time, location and circumstances of the incident, while in the case of theft a police case number is also required.


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