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Masks of Men

Project title: Dissimulate: Masks of Men 

Project type : Comic book project

Project link : https://issuu.com/brendon16/docs/dissimulate_for_issuu

by : Brendon Reyneke (Design)



This is a comic book project that investigates whether it is possible to represent marginalised masculinities in a more positive way than is done in current main stream comic books. The project consists of a pilot/prototype chapter of a comic in a series. The main story would span multiple comics to fully explore the experiences of the protagonists, but due to time pressures this prototype is what I produced. There are many people involved in the production of a comic: writer, letterer, penciler, inker, colourist and editor. I needed to perform all of these roles, which is why the comic is a prototype and not finished in colour or shaded. My processes included, interviews with young men, script writing, story boarding, character creation and sketches, and the creation of the comic itself. At the end of the project it was evident to me why multiple people need to be involved in the creation of the comic. Not only for work purposes but to also bring a multitude of life experience to the creation process, which has a deep and lasting effect on what is produced. It was difficult to represent the struggle young men have, both external and internal, with their masculine identity and their developing masculinity in relation to institutionalised hegemonic discourse. But the overall process was very educational.



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