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The celebrity and superfan

Project title: The celebrity and superfan

 by : Taylia Meese (Multimedia)

 Project link :https://www.thecelebrityandsuperfan.co.za


When searching for literature on superdandom, most academia was centred around superfans of sports, sports teams and fictional universes. As someone who has been obsessed with celebrities from a young age, I wanted to explore the relationship between the celebrity and the superfan. This type of superfan is spoken about, but primarily on popular culture celebrity news platforms. I wanted to compare my findings with these sources as well as preexisting academia on the fan and the superfan. What I found is that the superfans everyday live is affected by the celebrity in three very distinctive ways. These are titled Activities, Aesthetics and Attitudes. Through in depth immersion, I was able to find a strong link between the celebrity and their superfan counterparts.


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