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The He(art) of Being Ghettofabulous

Project title: The He(art) of Being Ghettofabulous

 by : Thingo Mthombeni (TV)


Synopsis: A series that follows the journey of Anima McBrown, who through each episode seeks to immerse herself and explore how Kwaito has played a pivotal role in asserting black humanity and all things Kasi!


Motivation behind project: This series is an ode to Kwaito, a celebration of township culture and black humanity. It is also an opportunity to complicate the narrative of Kwaito as being solely violent, misogynistic, apolitical and a genre for 'amavuilpop' (dirty hooligans). My own experience consists of growing up in a township area and attending former Model C and private schools from 2001 to 2013. I often had to navigate two different worlds, and I found that my experiences of being in such schools meant having to lend an ear to denigrating jokes, racist narratives and being mocked for not being ‘well groomed’ or ‘well spoken’. I often felt estranged from the learning space, so I turned to Kwaito music to help (re)claim a black identity which made me feel proud, loud, unapologetic, ghetto fabulous, sexy and streetwise.



Episode 1:


Episode 2:


Episode 3:


Episode 4:


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