This course equips students with a sound grounding in photojournalism and documentary photography.

3rd Year

This course will equip students with a sound grounding in photojournalism and documentary photography as well as equipping them with photography and photo-editing skills. In addition, the course explores the history of photography and photojournalism as well as the critical theory and ethics of the medium.

4th Year

The Photojournalism Specialisation is principally a course in advanced photojournalism practice and associated theory. It is also designed to develop graduates who are self-aware and sensitive to the social and political effects of photographic representation. This course integrates theory and practice in an exploration of the themes of “identity and representation”, and “space and light”. Students are required to produce photographic essays that are presented with written feature stories and/or as extended caption stories designed for print publication as well as multimedia work that is intended for Internet publication. Reflection on the process of their own practical production assists students to integrate theoretical aspects of the course with the practical. Professional practice is supported in the development of skills in research, digital editing, preparation and presentation technique, marketing of stories, filing, storage, and basic business skills.

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