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The South African Reserve Bank Centre for Economics Journalism


The centre aims to bring about continuous improvement of the media coverage of economics, business and development in Africa. We will do this through research, education and training, and engagement with media, business, government and society.


The centre bases all its actions on the vision of an inclusive journalism that aims to support the sustainable economic development of the continent within the context of democratic principles. It proceeds with sustainability in mind, i.e. on the understanding that its work should be lasting.


The centre draws on the academic resources of Rhodes and its own capacity and networks to initiate and produce research on the coverage of economics, finance and business in all their aspects, including issues of development and economic transformation.

Education and training
The centre imparts to working journalists and journalism students the knowledge and skills to report effectively on economics, business and development. It taps the resources of the university as well as mobilises external resources to build a sustainable centre of excellence in economics journalism education.

It strengthens existing networks of business, economics and development journalists in Africa and creates new ones where none exist. It provides resources to help working journalists improve their coverage of issues that involve economics, business or development. It builds on existing partnerships and seeks new ones to ensure sustainability of the centre into the future. It engages in partnerships with other institutions and initiates specific projects to achieve its vision.

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Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa (BMIA)

SARBCEJ is working together with Bloomberg and the Gordon Institute of Business to produce a 17- day programme for journalists to learn more about business journalism. 

Program overview

It is well documented that many key economies on the African continent are growing in leaps and bounds, yet the positive impact on development and progress in civil society is not fully realised. The role that journalism plays in society and democracy cannot be underestimated.
The Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa (BMIA) aims to increase the pipeline of skilled financial journalists and analysts, embracing a data-driven journalism culture across Africa. If well trained, the contribution that financial journalists can make as continental informers, educators and watchdogs is significant. This interactive and hands-on program aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of media professionals to better serve the public interest as a critical part of continental development and progress. Bloomberg has collaborated with a consortium of pre-eminent journalism schools and top business schools across three key African markets to deliver a highly innovative, integrated and practical world-class executive training program that is firmly rooted in African market realities.

Read here for more information: BMIA

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