Rhodes Prof Vice-President of ESSA

This year’s 17th Entomology Society of Southern Africa Congress saw a Rhodes Professor, Martin Hill from the Department of Zoology and Entomology, elected as vice president of the Society.

The four-day congress and the election took place at the GenMin Lectorium, situated on the main campus of the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein during the month of July.

The Rhodes University Department of Zoology and Entomology was represented by some 21 students and staff members that included postdoctoral scholars, research officers, academics and those doing their Honours, Masters and PhDs.

At the congress, Rhodes University presented 10 oral papers as well as the same number of poster papers. That also included an invited plenary lecture by Prof Martin Hill entitled: Towards 100 years of weed biological control in South Africa: Success, challenges and the way forward.

Prof Hill said that the students that the university took to the congress had an opportunity to interact with some of the top entomologists from around the country as well as from other universities.

Prof Hill said that the recent congress’ success showed that “we are one of, if not the foremost entomology department in South Africa.”

When asked what the accolade (vice presidency) meant to him and the Rhodes community at large Prof Hill said, “I think this is an indication of how the wider entomological community values the work that we are doing here at Rhodes in producing very good entomologists that are sought after in the industry once they have graduated.”

On a personal note he said, “My role is to ensure that the society grows and, in particular, attracts young entomologists to be members.”

He also added that the congress was good for the students because they got to learn from fellow entomologists and further compare how some things are done, and also that there are indeed opportunities in the industry.

Story by Rudzani Floyd


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