Rhodes Orchestra

Rhodes University Orchestra (RUO)

Since 2015, the Rhodes Orchestra has presented one annual symphonic performance in the Guy Butler Hall, Settlers Monument, Makhanda (Grahamstown). Student musicians are flanked by professional performers during rehearsal and the performance, thereby gaining invaluable professional input and guidance throughout the event. The concert programmes showcase the Music Department’s orchestral and vocal students in selected excerpts from Classical repertoire. A priority for each performance is the presentation of a South African composer.

In 2019, Rhodes University collaborated with Free State University in a mass orchestra consisting of the FSYO and RUO. Guest artists included soloists Samson Diamond (violin), Catherine Foxcroft and Garreth Robertson (piano), Masi Mbube (baritone) as well as the RUV and RUCC. Please click the link below to hear the performance of Invictus composed by the South African composer Gareth Walwyn.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AVRVQPNByM Link to Invictus


https://www.facebook.com/fsyo1/photos/pcb.1445104288974853/1445103468974935/?type=3&theater Link to FSYO photos on FB.

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