Flying into the future: what Rhodes University’s nanotech facility upgrade symbolises

In a spectacle that underscored its technological ambitions, Rhodes University recently deployed a helicopter to transport delicate scientific instruments to its new, state-of-the-art nanotechnology facility. This operation not only highlighted the sophisticated nature of the Institute for Nanotechnology Innovation (INI) but also marked a significant expansion from its original space in the ChemPharm building due to its substantial growth.

Faces of the RU120 legacy: Junaid Denston proves RU excellence is found in its people

Embarking on a journey to create an institutional RU120 advert that is authentic, sincere, and lives up to the legacy of 120 years of academic excellence is one thing. For Rhodes University to organically unearth in-house gems and powerful stories in the process is quite another.

Former SRC members start scholarship for struggling students

Going through University without financial support can be stressful, weighing down on many students in this position. To mitigate the impact of the challenge, four members of the 2017 Student Representative Council have heeded the call by Vice-Chancellor Professor Sizwe Mabizela by establishing a scholarship fund.

[RU120] New project aims for climate resilience in Africa

Rhodes University’s celebration of its 120th anniversary was marked by a significant event on 22 April 2024 – the launch of the EU-funded collaboration project Nature-based Solutions for African Resilience (NbS4AfrRes).

Faces of the RU120 legacy: Zola Mbinda shapes history at Rhodes University

For many students at Rhodes University, Orientation Week was their first time being on campus. For Zola Mbinda, a History lecturer and PhD candidate at Rhodes University, however, university campuses were always home.

Faces of the RU120 legacy: Prof Pat Terry – the man who reached the world

In the 1980s, South Africa was cut off from the world politically, through sanctions, and technologically. Yet, from the small town of then Grahamstown, now Makhanda, a team of pioneers managed to send the country’s first email – and Professor Pat Terry, the man who reached the world through this (then) advanced technology, is now part of Rhodes University’s reflective year of celebrations as it marks 120 years in 2024.

Seen in the wild: #RU120 goes national

As Rhodes University celebrates a 120-year legacy of academic excellence through its #RU120 campaign, its next-generation institutional RU120 commercials have gone live on television, radio, billboards, and online – to name but a few.

From Vision to Action: Alistair Mokoena sets up an Education Fund

“A visionary with a heart to empower others to break through.” That is how Google South Africa Country Director Dr Alistair Mokoena has been described after launching the Alistair Mokoena Education Fund at his alma mater, Rhodes University. The announcement was made at a lively alumni event in Makhanda, in April.

Book launch at Rhodes University explores the impact of Covid-19

The Rhodes African Studies Centre (RASC) recently launched two key books, namely, Covid-19 in Africa: Social and Economic Implications and Covid-19 in Africa: Governance and Containment, both published by Palgrave.

Isivivane inspiration: A bursary lights the path for emerging artist Sami Qoko

In the heart of Motherwell, Eastern Cape, Siphiwe-Sami Qoko's journey unfolded amidst the contrasting experiences of a middle-class upbringing and the trials of financial difficulties.

Rhodes University marks 120 years with memorable graduation

The autumn 2024 graduation ceremonies at Rhodes University were not just a testament to the hard work and dedication of its students, but also a highlight of the University's 120th-anniversary celebrations. Held from 3-5 April 2024, the six ceremonies embodied the spirit of excellence and leadership that Rhodes University is renowned for.

Pioneering book on phototransferred thermoluminescence published

In a landmark achievement for physics, the United Kingdom and Ireland-based Institute of Physics this month published a first-of-its-kind monograph on phototransferred thermoluminescence authored by Rhodes University’s head of Physics, Professor Makaiko Chithambo.

Rhodes University students compete to make science make sense

Tsebang Matlapeng, an MSc student in chemistry, emerged as the representative of Rhodes University for the national FameLab SA final.

Tandabantu August receives honorary degree for championing the rights of people and learners with disabilities, and education excellence

Rhodes University has proudly announced its decision to bestow upon Mr. Tandabantu Tennyson August the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws (LLD). This prestigious accolade is in recognition of his indomitable spirit, resilience, and unwavering commitment to transforming the lives of numerous young individuals in the Eastern Cape. Mr. August’s journey is a beacon of hope and inspiration, reflecting his exceptional ability to lead and foster change against all odds.

Rhodes University honours Archbishop Thabo Makgoba with prestigious LLD for his advocacy and ethical leadership

For Archbishop Thabo Makgoba’s significant impact on society, Rhodes University will confer upon him the degree of Doctor of Laws (LLD) (honoris causa). This honorary degree is in recognition of Archbishop Makgoba's role as a voice of reason and a conscience of society, where he has been a steadfast advocate against corruption and the abuse of power. His unwavering commitment to justice and ethical leadership has not only made him a respected figure within the Anglican Church but also a revered leader and moral compass in broader societal matters, further cementing his legacy as a champion for integrity, human rights, and social justice in South Africa and beyond.

Rhodes University celebrates Ambassador Masekela's unique legacy with honorary degree

In a distinguished ceremony, Rhodes University will confer upon Ambassador Barbara Masekela the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws (LLD). This accolade is in tribute to her exceptional, enduring contributions as a cultural activist, literary scholar, and an unwavering advocate for social justice, human rights, and dignity.

[RU120] Experience the Rhythm of Africa at the prestigious PASMAE Music Conference

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming PASMAE (Pan-African Society for Musical Arts Education) Music Conference scheduled from the 25th to the 27th of March in the Beethoven Room, Department of Music and Musicology. This event promises to be a melting pot of musical artistry, educational innovation, and cultural exchange, bringing together some of the most talented musicians, educators, and scholars from across the African continent and beyond.

Human rights icon Prof Sylvia Tamale honoured with Doctor of Laws

Rhodes University will proudly award Professor Sylvia Tamale the honorary Doctor of Laws (LLD) for her dedicated human rights activism and advocacy for marginalised groups, including women, sex workers and the LGBTQIA+ community.

Physics luminary Professor Irvy Gledhill receives Rhodes University’s highest honour

Professor Irvy Gledhill, affectionately known as "Igle”, will be awarded the esteemed degree of Doctor of Science (DSc) (honoris causa) by Rhodes University, in a resounding acknowledgement of her long and distinguished contributions to the field of physics. This honorary degree is a testament to her extensive research, leadership on both national and international platforms, and her unwavering commitment to human capital development, with a special focus on empowering women in physics.

Major shake-up for Rhodes University UK Trust as Caroline Rowland assumes chair

The Rhodes University UK trust underwent a major strategic shakeup last month following the appointment of Caroline Rowland, an alumna, global communications and marketing guru, and businesswoman, as its chair. The trustees unanimously appointed Ms Rowland in June last year to succeed Mr Geoffrey de Jager, who retired after nearly 30 years as chairman and trustee.

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